Sunday, 16 February 2014


Wow, 18°C in Munich on Saturday, in February! So what did we do? Enjoy the sun in one of Munich's picturesque beergardens? Go cycling along the Isar? No, we were on a plane on our way to cold and damp London. Hard luck! Anyway, happy for all those of you who managed to enjoy the amazing weather! Here some weatherproof events for the start of the coming week. Our picks for the weekend will follow later this time!

Upd.: In fact, regardless the floodings the weather in London turned out to be pretty good!

Monday, 17 February:
GUINESS IS GOOD FOR YOU: Looks like Monday is our day for a pint of Guinness and some classic pub entertainment. If you enjoyed the pub quiz at Molly Malone's, as we suggested last week, have a go at Killian's this time. There's no quiz, but live music from a cover band with hits by Dylan, Donovan and Beatles from 9pm.

Tuesday, 18 February:
ARTHOUSE CINEMA: The Filmmuseum, one of our favourite institutions in Munich, is screening a masterpiece of Russian cinema - Tarkovsky's Andrey Rubljov (UdSSR 1969). 6.30pm, undubbed with English subtitles, tickets only 4€.

Wednesday, 19 February:
FREE JAZZ: Celebrate the Dream with Chicago-born African-American singer Willetta Carson and band. The concert in the Amerika House starts at 7pm and is announced as a musical tribute to Martin Luther King on occasion of the Black History Month. Admission is free, but you need to write a short email to register. 

Thursday, 20 February:
ENGLISH THEATRE: A rare opportunity to see a play in English in Munich this winter: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", performed by the American Drama Group Europe. Amerika House, 7.30pm, call 089 34 38 03 to reserve your tickets (10€ to 20€). There will also be a second performance on Saturday.

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