Sunday, 30 March 2014


We are back! Which means, we've been away. It was not intended, but it turned out that we needed a longer break. Now we finally feel rested and prepared for all kinds of freakish events in our blooming city, kissed by the sun and seduced by moonlight... However, to make sure that we do not need another break too soon, we will adjust the rhythm of the posts in this blog to our lifes, which means that the posts will be less regular (but not necessarily less frequent). They will also cover different periods of time, and not always a whole week. Enough said, here we go, and the week starts with a bang!

Monday, 31 March:
MUSIC AGAINST ALL WARS: "It was only this afternoon that we still believed in something. Demonstration to bury all wars R.I.P." Such is the title of a freakish performance / demonstration thought out by Munich based artist Anna McCarthy. Munich's department of Arts and Culture has selected five arts projects to commemorate 100 years since the beginning of WWI, Anna's project among them. The demonstration (Meeting Point: 1pm Marienplatz, march to Zenith concert hall) will be accompanied by dadaist poetry interpreted in songs and speech by several musicians, among them Anna McCarthy's band Damenkapelle and Anna's brother Nick McCarthy from the band Franz Ferdinand (who play Zenith this evening). Here's the description of the project from Anna McCarthy's website:   
The demonstration follows the route of the striking arms' workers in Munich, January 1918 during the 1st World War. This was one of the main demonstrations that led to the overthrow of the Wittelsbach monarchy and the shortlived Bavarian Socialist Revolution (1918-1919) led on by anarchist artists and writers including Erich Mühsam, Ernst Toller, Oskar Maria Graf and Kurt Eisner.
The highly decorated float will move through the city visiting significant points and remembering the shortlived dream of a free state through song and speech. The poems of Erich Mühsam and Hugo Ball (founder of Dada) are newly interpreted by Munich-based musicians DAMENKAPELLE, Tagar, Manu Rzytki, Federico Sanchez, Sebastian Kellig and Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand (pun intended). The story will be told backwards and abstracted of the days before, during and following; to end all wars then and now.
The next day we will wake up and realise we've all been fooled.

Tuesday, 1 April:
ART IST HART: Opening of an "analog vs. digital art" group exhibition in Provisorium. A long list of interesting artists - sounds like a nice pretext to visit an arts bar with a certain charm. Talk to the artists, have some drinks, and don't be fooled!


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