Monday, 28 April 2014


Did you have a good week? We certainly hope you did. We feel a little bit guilty that you had to miss out on last week's blog post. It's not like nothing has been going on in Munich, on the contrary! Unfortunately, we both were too busy to write it down. Let's start making up for it straight away!

All week:  
FUNFAIR I: Frühlingsfest, the spring festival at Theresienwiese, is something like a small sibling of the Oktoberfest. Made from the same ingredients (beer, sausages and funfaire rides), it's smaller in size and considerably less excessive. The focus is also more shifted to Gemütlichkeit and family fun rather than boundless consumption of alcohol. It can still get quite crowded when the weather is fine.

FUNFAIR II: If you choose to go to just one fun fair, our pick would be the Auer Dult. A combination of fun fair and crafts fair, the "Dult" is a festival with a great relaxed traditional atmosphere, and it's beautifully located at the foot of Mariahilfkirche in Au. Don't miss the small kiosks selling antiques and crafts.

Monday, 28 April:
ENGLISH IMPROV THEATRE: Improv shows in English are rare in Munich, so if you are not native German and would like to have some laughs without straining your brains to get that joke in German - don't miss the Bake This show on Monday! Starts at 8pm.

Tuesday, 29 April:
MAGIC BULLETS: Have you already seen "The Black Rider" at the Metropoltheater? If not - you really should! Music and lyrics were written by Tom Waits, and the musical has been brilliantly interpreted by director Jöchen Schölz and the actors at the Metropol theatre. There are still tickets available for the tonight's show, but check out other dates as well if you can't make it tonight.  

Wednesday, 30 April:
DANCE INTO MAY: The night before the 1st of May holiday in Germany is when you get together with friends and drink and dance all night. In fact, the tradition is so old that some time ago on that same night in Germany you would burn a few witches and dance around the fires. Must have been a lot of fun -  that is, if you were not the one who was being burned... Luckily, times have changed, and nowadays witches are quite safe. However, the tradition lives on and the dancing continues. If you can't pick a club, we suggest the Milla in Glockenbach. Trio Infernale will be playing at Milla and the entrance is free. We do not actually know the band, but Milla is a great location often hosting fantastic gigs, so we think it's a safe choice.

ARTS & COMMERCE: Guess we should mention the Stroke Art Fair that starts today. When we first heard about it last year (it was the fourth Stroke, but we missed the first one and lived in London during the second and the third), we were quite excited: Urban art is certainly underrepresented in Munich, so we thought it was a great gain. Unfortunately, when we visited the fair, we were rather disappointed. It was more a sales market for galleries than an urban art show, and for this, the entrance fee for visitors seemed unfairly high. On the other, there will be some live paintings and a birthday party on Friday. So check out their website and decide for yourselves.

Thursday, 1 May:
SURREALIST FILM NIGHT: "Open Scene" at the Filmmuseum is showing Luis Buñuels surrealist classic "L'age d'or" (1930), followed by "Dreams that money can buy" (1947) by dadaist artist Hans Richter. The Museum Villa Stuck is currently hosting an exhibition based on Buñuels strongly influential film, so watching it tonight and visiting the exhibition later sounds like a good plan. The curators of the exhibition will be at the Filmmuseum to give an introduction.

Friday, 2 May:
YURT OPENING: Kulturjurte München opens it's doors in Fröttmaning (from 1pm). That is, if a yurt has doors. Anyway - the Kulturjurte seems like a great project, a new space for workshops, discussion and arts exhibitions, organized by great enthusiasts. We are curious and look forward to interesting events.   

Saturday, 3 May:
FLEA MARKET: The Hofflohmärkte return! This week you can walk into more than 250(!) courts and gardens in Haidhausen and Bogenhausen, buy useful utensils, useless junk and homemade cakes, and have wonderful chats with the locals.

Preview for next week:
DOK.fest, the 29th International Documentary Film Festival in Munich, starts on May 7th. Book your tickets before it's too late!


  1. Gah. I'm really bummed I didn't get tickets for The Black Rider - all of their remaining shows are now completely sold-out. It sounds amazing - and with text by William S. Burroughs, you can't go far wrong.

    1. Oh, that's a shame. :( Guess you could still try at the doors, sometime people don't get their reserved tickets. Otherwise you'll probably get another chance next year - since 2008 it's been running for about a month every year. But it's always a quick sell-out.