Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Wednesday, 15 January: 
AUGMENTED REALITY GAMES: Augmented Reality - technical background and potentials of interactive games in 3D. Starts at 7pm at Werk 1, Kultfabrik. As we're posting this last minute, you can watch a live-stream here

READING: An evening with authors Sven-Åke Johansson, Sonja vom Brocke and Hank Schmidt in der Beek. This event is part of No Country for Odd Poets, led by Pico Be & Anna McCarthy. Kunstverein München, Galeriestraße 4. Starts at 8pm, free entry.

Thursday, 16 January:
JAZZ: Jazz bar Vogler is definitely one of Munich's gems. If you haven't been to this place yet, it's definitely time! Enjoy a glass of wine and a small meal along with excellent live jazz. This Thursday there will be a live-jazz-piano. Be prepared to pay a small fee for the musicians and the grumpy greedy GEMA. Rumfordstr. 17. Starts at 8.30pm.

Friday, 17 January:
SEWING DIY: Nähstube at Kulturjurte led by tailor Beatrice Dilling invites everyone to bring their old clothes, unfinished sewing projects or participate in making a huge collaborative patchwork blanket. Benediktbeuererstr. 22, starts at 4pm.

Saturday, 18 January:
VERNISSAGE: "KUNST IM BAU 5: bahnen - zwischen wallfahrtskirche und zoo" is an art project with exhibitions, performances, concerts and even theatrical plays. Around 50 artists orchestrate the former train hall in Benediktbeuerer Straße 22. Starts at 7pm.
FINISSAGE: Herakut is probably our favourite German-based street artist duo with very poetic and almost theatrical work. Their exhibition Brainy Days has been running from November 23 and is coming to an end now. Don't miss out on this one! Kunsthaus Maximilian, Maximilianstraße 54. From 4pm until 7pm.

Sunday, 19 January:
MEDIA ART: Advertised as the first media art fair in Germany, Unpainted is definitely worth having a look at (especially if you are such a media art geek as ourselves). As you've probably already noticed we are a bit of diy and hacker-approach fans, so we are slightly skeptical about the strong commercial focus, but at the same time very curious and eager to be proven wrong. It will be running from Friday until Monday, and day tickets cost 15€ (9€ for students). Arnulfstraße 62, Hackerbrücke.

WESTEND IN MUNICH: After six years of renovation Deutsches Theater is finally coming back to its original location at Schwanthalerstr. 13. They will have open doors on Sunday, offering free theatre tours every full hour from 1pm.

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