Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Time to wake up after a long winter holiday lethargy and start the new year with all the silly resolutions and plans to conquer the world! Let's start with Munich then, shall we?

Tuesday, 7 January:
FOOD WASTE ACTIVISM: Kulturjurte is organising an evening of discussions tackling the problem of food waste. They will be screening the film Taste the Waste and hosting a workshop by living utopia "Wegwerfgesellschaft". Free, just turn up. 6pm - 10pm.

Wednesday, 8 January:
CURRY AFICIONADOS: Join an international troop for a curry night out at an Indian. This week the meeting point is the Maharani, Rottmannstraße 24, at 7.30pm.

Thursday, 9 January:
MAKER CULTURE: Have a broken chair and don't know how to fix it? Or want to get crafty and make your own piece of furniture, but need some advice? Werkbox3 offers a Repair Café every second Thursday, focusing on a specific material each time. This time it's all about WOOD. Each session is supervised by an expert. Starts at 3pm in Benediktbeuerer Str. 22, München-Thalkirchen.

Friday, 10 January:
ARTS & ARCHAEOLOGY: The Hypo-Kunsthalle is hosting an exhibition called "Pompei - Leben auf dem Vulkan", showcasing the fascinating remains of the antique city, including some newly found exhibits. Tickets cost 12€, but if you go on a Monday it's half-price. Runs until 23rd March, open every day from 10am until 8pm.

Saturday, 11 January:
BOARD GAMES: Meet other people for an afternoon of games in Mil's Sportrestaurant, Hans-Denzinger-Str. 2, U2 Milbertshofen. Starts at 3pm.

Sunday, 12 January:
FLASHMOB: Take off your jeans, skirts or whatever and embark on a tube journey with other crazy people for the Munich No Pants Subway Ride. This flashmob originated 2002 in New York and has become a global event ever since, with more and more cities taking part each year. (Note: people from UK, you can leave your pants on, taking your trousers off is enough ))) Meeting point is Fischbrunnen, Marienplatz, at 4pm. Share your pant-less impressions at the afterparty in the Irish Pub Killians. You can get some panties-fashion inspiration from the last year's pictures here.

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