Monday, 11 November 2013


EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION People have been telling us that they are not receiving any updates from the feed, and we finally got around to fix the problem. Now you can subscribe to the email feed (use the form on the right next to the blog entry) and get a weekly email packed with all those awesome things you could do in Munich day in, day out! Well, maybe except for Mondays, since it looks like we are constantly late with suggesting anything for the first day of the week. Maybe we should always start the week on Tuesday, and reserve Monday for lying in bed all day and thinking about all those amazing things we did last week. Seems like a good idea to us, what do you think? ;)

Monday, 11 November:
Too late to recommend anything for tonight, so lay back and chill out!

Tuesday, 12 November:
BRIT POP: About seven years later than the rest of the world, we got word that Arctic Monkeys is a pretty good band. To be honest, we heard about that earlier, but today we are going to get the final proof. Arctic Monkeys are playing Zenith tonight, and it looks like you can still get tickets!

Wednesday, 13 November:
THEATRE IN THE CINEMA: The first ever live cinema broadcast from the stage of the Royal Shakespeare Company! Richard II with David Tennant in the title role. 8PM, 190 minutes (with a break), 18€. A few tickets are still left!

Thursday, 14 November:
DOCUMENTARY & DISCUSSION: The weekly "Open Scene" in the Filmmuseum in cooperation with the Munich American Peace Committee will be screening the documentary "Dirty Wars" (USA 2013) by Richard Rowley an Jeremy Schahill, followed by a discussion with very interesting speakers. Both the screening and the discussion will be in English. 

APROPOS Filmmuseum: The Film School Festival starts next week, and the Ticket Web Shop should be open from today!

Friday, 15 November:
CABARET & PARTY: Now this is a Must-See, Must-Listen and a Must-Dance! The traditional "Piroschki Party" organised by the makers of the JULA-festival once again brings the Belarusian band "Serebryanaya Svadba" to Munich. If you have ever seen this band on stage, you won't want to miss the chance to see them again. Music, dancing, cabaret and the pure joy of life!  NachtKantine (Kultfabrik),  9:30PM, tickets are a bargain - 12€ in advance and 15€ at the door.

Saturday, 16 November:
CINEMA & BRUNCH: KINObrunch at JULA-festival. Short films of young directors from Middle and Eastern Europe. 12pm - 3pm. Tickets 8€/ 6€. Arena Filmtheater, Hans-Sachs-Str. 7. Also, check out the full programme of JULA, they have plenty of theatrical and musical highlights between 13-17 November.

Sunday, 17 November:
URBAN CULTURE: Festival of Independents - MUNICH/NOW/HERE in Haus der Kunst. The festival looks at the specific urban context of Munich and explores the impulses emanating from the city's independent scene. Includes exhibitions, events, seminars, concerts and workshops. From 15th November until the 1st December. Day ticket excl. concerts 5€, festival pass 65€.
My personal pick for Sunday:
Knit Nite - a DIY get together of knitters, 3pm.
Repair Cafe organised by HEI (Haus der Eigenarbeit) - bring your broken toaster, lamp or cd-player and get it fixed, 3pm.
City of Commonists - a lecture on DIY movement and common urban spaces by Christa Müller, 7pm.

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