Sunday, 17 November 2013


Monday, 18 November:
FILM SCHOOL FESTIVAL: The 33d International Festival of the Film Schools is on in Munich until Saturday. Short films created by the film directors of tomorrow. Check out the timetable and don't forget to buy your tickets in advance for the evening programs, since they can be sold out pretty fast.  Each program features 4 to 5 films. Having been to many of the previous festivals, we can't remember a single time that we left uninspired.

Tuesday, 19 November:
SONG SLAM: Song Slam in the music club Milla, Holzstr. 28.
8 song-writers perform their 8-minute-long pieces. In the end the audience chooses the winner who gets a bottle of Schnaps. Tickets 8€. Starts at 9pm.

Wednesday, 20 November:
BOOKS & LITERATURE: From 7th to 24th November there is a book exhibition and a literature festival at Gasteig. To find out about exciting talks, workshops and other events check out the full program.

EXHIBITION: Platform 3 - a newly established city space for art and artists' studios - has an opening exhibition this evening. In collaboration with Burear Mirco Borsche. My friends Steffi and Klaus have their studio there. And another friend - Polly - will be performing at 8.30pm. Starts at 7pm, free.

Thursday, 21 November:
GEEKS: Make Munich Cafe organises another gathering of 3d printing enthusiasts. This time there is a competition for the best lampshade, which will be awarded with an ice-cream. Werk 1, Grafinger Str. 6. Free, just turn up and talk about your past or future 3d projects.

Friday, 22 November:
RUSSIAN FOOD & CONCERT: Victoria Lye will be playing piano and singing jazz, soul and Russian chancons in the Russian-Ukranian Restaurant "Café Sereno" at 7PM. Sounds like a nice mix of food and music. Entry free, but you should reserve your seats.

Saturday, 23 November:
GAMES: Münchenglück - a card game where you are single, jobless and homeless in the beginning and need to look for all those things. Comes with Lebkuchen, warm drinks and nice people. Hosted by Siebenmachen, a very cute shop which sells handmade design items. It's free but there are only 8 places, so make sure you drop a line to info/AT/ Starts at 3pm.

CINEMA: It's the 50th anniversary of an essentially British sci-fi show Doctor Who.  It's the day when the very first episode was screened 1963. To celebrate this very special occasion, the BBC is releasing a special episode The Day of the Doctor, which will be screened in cinemas around the globe. Munich must be a stronghold of Doctor Who fans in Germany, since it is the only German city where the 50th anniversary special will be screened in two cinemas (Cinema and Cinemaxx), and both are already almost fully booked. Be quick, there might be some tickets left for the 11pm show at Cinema!

Sunday, 24 November:
ARTS & PEOPLE: So, you have heard that the state museums are practically free (1€) on Sunday, but  you don't know who to go with and find visiting museums on your own kind of sad? Luckily, you are not alone. Just sign up for the Meetup and stroll around the Pinakothek der Moderne with a bunch of nice, open minded people. With or without the meetup, the Traumbilder exhibition in the recently reopened museum is definitely worth the trip.

Coming up:
FELTING: Also, if you've always wanted to learn how to felt, there will be a free workshop at Siebenmachen next Monday, at 7pm! It's a tiny place, so make sure you register asap here.

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