Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Time passed so quickly the previous week that we almost did not notice how the new week started. We left the shores of the Isar for the weekend and spent it across Thames river, visiting good friends and our favourite little places, memories of the time spent living in that behemoth of a city. Back home, Munich once again feels tiny and cosy. Yet underneath its roofs and the thick clouds above them there is so much to be discovered! That is why we initially started this blog - to remind ourselves (and everyone else who cares to be reminded by us) that coming home tired and placing yourselves in front of the tellys or the monitors to watch the newest episode of your favourite series or some videos on YouTube is not the only way to have a good time. Unless you are about to watch the new episode of Sherlock or the 50th anniverary Special of Doctor Who. The problem being that they are not out yet. But just you wait!

Wednesday, 6 November:
POETRY: No Country for Odd Poets. Syrian poet Aboud Saeed will be reading his texts, which he posts on facebook. Curated by Pico Be and Anna McCarthy. Kunstverein München, Galeriestr. 4. 8pm.

Thursday, 7 November:
NIGHT CITY TOUR: A guided tour with a night guard, 1,5 - 2 hours. Tickets 15€, students 14€. Starts daily at 9pm. Register here.

Friday, 8 November:
PARTY: Sound of Music Now 2013 - Electronica. Electronic music at Feierwerk. With DJs and VJs. My friends from the uni called OptoPussies will be doing the visuals that night. Hansastr. 39-41. 10pm. Free, just turn up.

Saturday, 9 November:
CINEMA: The Fifth Estate - Inside Wikileaks. A controversial film about Wikileaks, with Benedict Cumberbatch starring as Julian Assange. In English. Museum Lichtspiele, Lilienstrasse 2. Tickets 8,50€. Starts at 5.20pm.

Sunday, 10 November:
SPORTS: Every Sunday there are sports activities sponsored by the city - Freizeitsport. One lessons costs 2,60€. There is a huge list of various sports lessons, have a look here.

BRUNCH AND MAKE: French toast brunch at HUIJ - an open workshop where can print on t-shirts, make our own soap and much more! Westendstr. 49. Starts at 11.30am.

Also, 29-30 November there will be an event organised by the Rails Girls. If you are keen on a weekend of designing, prototyping and coding with Ruby on Rails, you need to apply until the 15 November here.

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